Endless possibilities

Time flies. It’s been some time since my last post. No excuses really, it’s just life getting in the way of blogging.

Rest assured the camera hasn’t been lying idle all this time. I have been out and about taking photographs when and where I can. I had a great weekend at Freycinet National Park with Luke O’Brien, a Hobart-based landscape photographer. You can view some of his stunning images here. I also attended a digital photography course run by Steve Lovegrove and learnt a huge amount about my camera and photography in general. All good stuff!

Some of the photographs I’ve taken over the last six months will be the subject of future blogs. But for today I’m posting a photo I took for the ABC’s Photo Finish photography competition. Photo Finish is a TV program that features a wide range of photography genres. The competition called for creative photos that featured a camera lens somewhere in the photo. I was inspired by Gotye’s Making Mirrors album and an optical illusion book my daughter brought home from the school library. I had a whole lot of fun shooting this photograph and the photograph is pretty much straight out of my camera. Just some minor adjustment to exposure and brightness using computer editing software.


So, that’s my photo. If you like it and it is not yet August 5, 2012, you are most welcome to vote for it in the Photo Finish competition. You can vote for it here. It literally takes 2 seconds. Thanks so much.


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